Arcturus Vladikov

The Spectre


Blood 1
Heart 1
Mind -1
Spirit 1

Mortality 0
Night 1
Power 0
Wild 1

Spectre Moves

Manifest: Regular people can’t sense or interact with you unless you manifest. You manifest by spending a few quiet moments concentrating and choosing 2:

  • You can be heard
  • You can be seen
  • You can touch and be touched by the physical world
    You may mark corruption to instead choose 1 or all 3.

Won’t Be Ignored: When you get in the way of someone, treat your roll as a 10+ without rolling. If you distract an NPC, roll with Spirit instead of Mind.

Wall? what Wall?: You always have an opening to escape a situation. You can choose an additional option off the list to brings someone with you. On a miss, you attract the attention of dangerous spirits and ghosts in the area.

Drama Moves

Spectre Corruption Move
When you witness a scene of victimization and do nothing, mark corruption.
Intimacy Move
When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, you hold 1. Whenever they get into trouble, you can spend your hold to be there.
End Move
When you fill up on harm, your corpus is scattered and dispersed. You’ll reform in a few days. When your spirit passes on permanently or you retire your character, any characters present gain +1 Spirit (max +3).


Rafael owes me 1 Debt for keeping his demons at bay.
Kara owes me 1 Debt for saving her ass from a mugger.
Markov owes me 1 Debt for rallying for Thane.
The Dealers owe me 1 Debt for killing Arthur Maxwell.


Arcturus Vladikov

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