Drake Merryweather

The Vamp


Blood 2
Heart 1
Mind 0
Spirit 0

Mortality 1
Night 1
Power 1
Wild 0

The Vamp’s Web

When someone comes to you to ask for a favor, look for advice/info, or threaten your interests, they enter your Web and owe you a Debt. When someone is in your Web, you gain the following when dealing with them:

  • Get +1 ongoing to Lend a Hand or Get in the Way of their efforts
  • Add this question to Figure Someone Out: “What is your characater’s true hunger?”
    At the start of a session, choose someone in your Web and learn a secret about them that they’d rather keep buried.
    They leave your Web only when they no longer owe you a Debt.

Vamp Moves

Eternal Hunger: You hunger for human blood, flesh, or emotions. Pick one. When you feed, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:

  • You heal 1-harm
  • You learn a secret about them
  • You take +1 forward
  • They don’t die
    On a miss, something goes terribly wrong.

Irresistible: When you Persuade an NPC using promises or seduction, treat a 7-9 as a 10+ result. On a miss, your machinations succeed as though you rolled a 7-9, but attract the attention of a rival or enemy.

Keep Your Friends Close: When you Figure Someone Out by indulging their vices, roll with Blood instead of Mind.

Drama Moves

Vamp Corruption Move
When you feed on an unwilling victim, mark corruption.
Intimacy Move
When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, tell them a secret about yourself or owe them a Debt. Either way, they enter your Web and owe you a Debt.
End Move
When you die or retire your character, name someone in the scene you want dead; your agents and allies relentlessly pursue them.


Lani owes me 1 Debt for providing her fix.
Rafael owes me 1 Debt for waking me up from my eternal slumber.
Lani owes me 1 Debt for succeeding. (?)


Drake Merryweather, a man of the night, a man cloaked in mystery. Drake first came to Toulon City in a casket from the Middle Ages, and was interred in the Toulon City Museum of Natural History for decades before he was accidentally awakened by one of Rafael’s experiments. Drake is an accomplished predator and social climber, although he finds the machinations of the local vampires quaint and irrelevant compared to the great upheavals he experienced centuries ago. This puts him in direct conflict with Elijah Dewey, the head of the Sanctified in Toulon City, who he considers a young upstart in comparison to himself. He also doesn’t quite fit in with the Flagellators, and frankly does not understand them sometimes. This puts him in a dangerous unaligned position among the Vamps of the city, and he almost certainly will have to pick a camp soon.

Drake does not go out of his way to be malicious or evil, but he is unflinching when it comes to the taking of lives when it is necessary. Living through the Black Death gave him a bit of a different perspective, and he finds the extreme value that modern western society places on preservation of human life amusing.

That being said he does have a soft spot for Kara and Rafael in particular, although he is still rather annoyed about being awoken, although he can’t quite remember the circumstances surrounding his torpor. He also has an affection for the Salon of the Night Queen, and he has considered trying to ingratiate himself with the Fae as a possible alternative to Vampire society. Their alien ways and endless surprises manage to stir a bit of feeling in his jaded heart.

Drake Merryweather

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