Lani Olkana

The Fae


Blood -1
Heart 1
Mind 0
Spirit 2

Mortality 0
Night -1
Power 2
Wild -1

Fae Moves

Faerie Magic: Whenever you use a Faerie power, choose 1:

  • Mark corruption
  • You owe your monarch a Debt
  • Suffer 1-harm (ap)

Scales of Justice: You may cash in a Debt with someone to use a power from Faerie Magic (including powers not normally available to you) on them at no cost.

Words Are Wind:When someone breaks a promise to you or lies to you and you find out, they owe you a Debt and you take +1 forward against them.

Drama Moves

Fae Corruption Move
When you break a promise or tell an outright lie, mark corruption.
Intimacy Move
When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, demand a promise from them. If they refuse you or break the promise, they owe you 2 Debts.
End Move
When you die or retire your character, choose a character and bestow the favor of your court upon them. They can choose either to take Faerie Magic and two of your faerie powers or to advance Persuade an NPC.

Faerie Powers

Wild Fury: You summon an elemental of nature capable of striking your enemies (2-harm close area or 3-harm close/far).
Nature’s Caress: Your touch heals 2-harm. You cannot use this power on yourself.
Bedlam: Touch a target to place them in a specific emotional state (your choice). Mark corruption to have that emotion directed toward a target of your choosing.


  • West owes me 2 Debts for failing at a job.
  • Rafael owes me 1 Debt for keeping something hidden.
  • Rafael owes me 1(?) Debt for using my blood to derail the train and making me to “marry” fucking Conrad.
  • Benjamin owes me 1 Debt for saving his life.

Lani Olkana

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