Apocalypse 828

S01E01 Runaway Train

The session opened up with Markov’s funeral. West and Drake are present, as well as many prominent werewolves. Grüber approaches West, trying to talk her into backing him for new pack leader, but she brushes him off. Thane is notably absent…

Lani is walking down the street when she spots shadows moving in an alley. Investigating, she finds Benjamin, suffering from severe injuries and a large wolf print near his body. Using her fae powers, she breathes life back into the man, healing his wounds enough for him to recover consciousness.

Kara, burning the midnight oil trying to meet the latest deadline, gets a call from Mr. Editorman, ordering her to run for some coffee. She is hesitant, but he spells out in no uncertain terms that her job is on the line. Confused and furious, she charges down the street…directly into a mugger demanding her purse. She keeps her cool long enough to tase the man, but not before he buries a bullet into her leg. Vladikov, watching the scene play out, manifests and scares the criminal even more before helping Kara get to a hospital.

Rafael sits in on a Council meeting, as Angela is brought forth to answer for her experiments in expanding the Scar. As punishement, she is put on wizard parole, with Rafael acting as his parole officer, a designation not without its own implications.

Grüber continues to push West in backing him for leader, and as she still needs some physical proof of his ability, he takes her to an abandoned warehouse in the docks, where he has Thane tied down in silver chains.

Vladikov found Markov’s spirit still hovering around his body’s casket and offered his sympathy for the leader. Markov requested that his wish for Thane to be the next pack leader be honored—the spectre vowed to do whatever it took to make it so. Searching for the would-be heir and stumbling into the scene with West and Grüber, he quickly possesses Thane and causes him to burst his chains, silver shrapnel flying everywhere. The skinheads flee, leaving West and Vladikov to help Thane to Doctor Gregory’s shop.

Meanwhile, Rafael and Angela delve into her findings. Knowing that, despite the Council’s wishes, her study could help save the city, he offers his help. In a moment of intimacy, Rafael gives in to the yearning of lost love and fucks Angela’s brains out.

The couple cannot enjoy their moment for long, however, as alarm bells ring in Rafael’s mind. The wards he placed around West’s territory were triggered and the conjured ents begin to act against the threat. He dashes for a cab and gives West a call.

West is doing everything she can to convince Gregory to hold on to the bloody Thane for now, knowing full well that Grüber is about to enact revenge for her insolence.The call from Rafael is confirmation of her fears and she flies across town, well, as fast as a taxi can fly.

Rafael arrives on the scene first, pulling out a glock to assist the ents in driving back the intruders. He gets a few good shots, but the creatures overpower him. It’s only when West appears and transforms under the night sky are the other wolves driven back. Sirens fill the air, but before the assembled party can escape, a runaway train tears through the street at breakneck speed. West attempts to use her superhuman strength to hold fast but gets and arm ripped off. Vladikov attempts to speed to the engine and force the brakes, but is assaulted by the tainted Spirit of the Train, which nearly eats him.

It is only when Rafael taps into his ritual knowledge that he devises a plan to stop the train. Drawing upon the inherent power in Lani’s and Conrad’s fae blood, he weaves an entropic incantation to cause the train’s wheels to collapse, causing a sudden crash to occur. The scene is destructive but far from city center, saving the lives of many.

This episode ended back at Doctor Gregory’s shop. West is hesitant to back Thane, and Thane is hesitant to take on responsbility. Vladikov is able to fulfil Markov’s last request by knocking some sense into them both, stating that unless they work together, then Grüber will take over, leading to the decline of the pack.

(I’m a little fuzzy on the scenes with Lani acting with her redditor courtesan fellow and some of the main fight before West showed up, so feel free to elaborate on another adventure log, of course.)


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