Faction Moves

Hit the Streets

When you hit the streets to get what you need, name who you’re going to and roll with their Faction. On a hit, they’re available and have the stuff. On a 7-9, choose 1:

  • Whoever you’re going to is juggling their own problems.
  • Whatever you need is more costly than anticipated

Put a Face to a Name

When you put a face to a name or vice versa, roll with their Faction. On a hit, you know their reputation; the MC will tell you what most people know about them. On a 10+, you’ve dealt with them before: learn something interesting and useful about them or they owe you a Debt. On a miss, you don’t know them or you owe them, the MC will tell you which.

Investigate a Place of Power

When you investigate a place of power, roll with the Faction that owns it. On a hit, you see below the surface to the reality underneath. On a 10+, you can ask the MC one question about the schemes and politics of the Faction in question.


When you make a Faction move, trigger an intimacy move, cash in a Debt or honor a Debt, mark the Faction involved. WHen you’ve marked all four Factions, erase the marks and advance.

Faction Moves

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