Weapons and Tags

If your character starts play with a weapon—or acquires one during play— it will be listed with a harm rating and tags. Tags are descriptive words that can alter the mechanics of a weapon, assign constraints or limits to what a weapon can do, or offer cues to the players and MC about how that weapon should be treated in the fiction. Here’s a starting list:

  • AP: armor piercing—this weapon ignores an opponent’s armor rating, inflicting full harm.
  • Area: this weapon affects an area with its fire. When used against a group, area ignores the group’s size when determining harm inflicted, assuming the group is clustered together closely enough.
  • Autofire this weapon can be used as an +area weapon but doing so exhausts its ammunition, requiring the character to reload.
  • Close: this weapon can only be used against someone within close range of you, somewhere between 2 to 10 meters.
  • Close/Far: this weapon is considered able to affect targets within close or far range.
  • Concealable: this weapon is easy to keep out of sight, small enough to fit in a pocket of a jacket.
  • Far: this weapon can only be used to target an opponent that is far off, more than 10 meters away; any closer and it’s too unwieldy to bring to bear.
  • Fire: this weapon is fire-based. It will ignite combustibles nearby and cause serious burns on any targets it makes contact with. Supernatural creatures that are vulnerable to fire may take extra harm and/or flee when a fire weapon is used on them.
  • Hand: this weapon can be used against someone within a meter or so of your reach, probably about the length of the weapon you’re holding.
  • Hand/Close: this weapon is considered able to affect targets within hand or close range.
  • Intimate: this weapon can only be used up close and personal, closer than just a +hand weapon, up to the end of your arm.
  • Intimate/Hand: this weapon is considered able to affect targets within both the intimate or hand range.
  • Loud: everyone nearby hears it, and can potentially identify what made the noise. It wakes up sleeping people, startles people who aren’t expecting it, etc.
  • Messy: this weapon inflicts wounds that are severe and bloody or destroys the environment surrounding the target. These weapons are not suited to precision work.
  • Reload: this weapon has limited ammunition and needs to be reloaded often when used.
  • S-harm: instead of inflicting regular harm on a target, stun-harm weapons incapacitate their targets. Characters hit with an s-harm weapon may have to keep their cool to stay on their feet.
  • Silver/cold iron/holy: this weapon is made of a unique material or has been blessed by someone of great faith. Supernatural creatures may be especially vulnerable to these weapons, granting +ap when used against them or inflicting +1 harm.
  • Valuable: this object is rare and expensive; it may be a functional weapon, but it values style over substance.
  • X-harm: x is the amount of harm this weapon deals to opponents, before armor is applied.

Sample Weapons

Use these weapons as guildelines when giving stats to new weapons:

  • 9mm (2-harm close loud)
  • Assault rifle (3-harm close/far autofire loud)
  • Brass Knuckles (1-harm intimate concealable)
  • Bolt action rifle (2-harm close/far loud)
  • Cold iron katana (3-harm hand valuable cold iron)
  • Grenades (3-harm hand area reload messy)
  • Longbow (2-harm close/far)
  • Shotgun (3-harm close messy loud)
  • Submachine gun (2-harm close area loud)
  • Spear (2-harm hand/close)
  • Sniper rifle (3-harm far loud reload)

Weapons and Tags

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